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Large metal shredder is a kind of equipment mainly used to crush the waste motorcycle shell, which is slightly different from other metal shredders in production and use. It can crush some large waste metal blocks, bicycle shell and other waste materials. A lot of users come to visit the factory in the early stage and ask, how about the equipment in other houses we see, why are your prices and sizes different, etc. Let's talk about our experience in brief.


In the selection of large-scale metal shredder, the first thing to look at the model, their own production and equipment size requirements. Then choose according to the user's own needs. The model and output are the main factors, and each manufacturer may be different directly, so it is necessary to select according to the output. Secondly, the particle size after crushing tells the manufacturer how big the crushed particle you want, which can be customized. The main thing is that the crushing effect of the equipment to be bought back can be satisfied.


Finally, in terms of energy consumption of metal shredder, do users have any special requirements? This is also required to be clear. The energy consumption of the equipment is related to the economic benefits. If the same energy consumption produces more output and cost performance, it will be higher. This is related to the used motor, dust remover and other accessories, which also need to be taken into account. The above are some tips on how to choose a large-scale shredder correctly, hoping to help you.


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