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Zhengzhou Shuguang Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the domestic manufacturers specializing in the production of metal shredder series products. How to assemble the metal shredder in the manufacturer?


Our products can be finished products only after each part is processed and assembled. The important part is made by our technicians. The machine is mainly composed of main machine, frame, turntable, blade, hammer piece, bearing, support frame, etc. every part in the column shape needs to be treated carefully. We have our own assembly sequence and assembly sequence Handle with care during the process. Some parts shall be assembled in a clean and dust-free place. Put it on the shelf first, and pay attention to prevent all kinds of dross when welding and screwing. In addition, the dynamic and static balance test of the central rotor should be done to avoid the vibration phenomenon in the pulverizing process of the pulverizer. Then tighten each part with screws.


Due to the difference of some models, they need to be treated differently in assembly. Some machine customers need motors. We need to fix the motors on the machines, tighten the belts, and adjust the tightness of the belts to a proper position.


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