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The speed reducer of the metal shredder can not be operated in the environment of - 10 ° C to 40 ° C, which is easy to cause damage to the speed reducer. For the cleaning of the speed reducer of the metal shredder, it is not allowed to use high-pressure water gun and other materials with excessive impact to avoid damage


Add lubricating oil to the reducer in time to protect it. If there is a strange sound or the reducer becomes hot during the working process of the metal shredder, shut down the shredder in time for inspection. Protecting the reducer of the metal shredder can make the shredder last longer and create more wealth for us. In addition to the attention paid to the reducer, the belt is an important part of the drive device of the shredder. If the belt of the shredder is not installed properly, the equipment cannot be started. Therefore, before starting the metal shredder, it is necessary to check whether the drive belt is correctly installed and in good condition. If it is found that the leather belt is damaged, it should be replaced in time. If it is found that there is oil stain on the belt or pulley, it should also To clear.


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