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For the metal shredder, the distribution cabinet is the starting operation of the metal shredder, and the distribution cabinet is a very safe and simple operation equipment. General customers in the purchase of metal shredder at the same time, manufacturers will bring you a distribution cabinet. But there are some bad manufacturers, the price of metal shredder is very low, but many supporting equipment do not match you, so the users who buy metal shredder must understand clearly.


Maintenance and maintenance of metal shredder equipment: 1. The specific links of equipment maintenance and maintenance can be pided into filling butter on bearing parts of metal shredder to reduce resistance during spindle rotation, promote the conversion of effective power of motor, reduce bearing wear and prolong the service life of equipment. 2. Regularly check the equipment and electrical parts and eliminate potential safety hazards. 3. According to the operation of the equipment regularly grinding the blade to ensure that the equipment is discharged normally. 4. Periodically tighten the anchor bolts of the equipment so as to avoid the vibration caused by the equipment.


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