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Different manufacturers result in price differences due to the application of raw materials and different methods of workmanship.So what is the price of industrial metal shredding?The price of industrial metal shredder depends on what factor?


A metal shredder, industrial steel plate, steel thickness, manufacturers in the manufacturing industry for different thickness of steel plate material and the problems in the process of metal shredder have difference is bigger, but for professional crushing equipment crush each material the thickness of the plate are need to accounting, in this also determines the different cost will affect equipment market prices.


Industrial metal pieces mechanical and electrical machine: motor must choose international products are factory production, can't use refurbished motor or international sucks, because the motor copper wire was not rated current demand, so the machine is easy to burn or driving force is insufficient, affect industrial metal shredder equipment rotating speed and the effect of whole pieces; The components of a good brand are carefully selected, and are manufactured through numerous experiments, which can guarantee the quality and service life of the product. On the contrary, if the manufacturer USES the motor is not good, the production failure is much later, and the service life is short. Users also need to know that for mechanical devices, any component will affect their service life.


Industrial metal shredder bearing, bearing of the fit and unfit quality directly affect the effect of industrial metal shredder equipment production and tear effect, bearing must use big manufacturer production, for example: luoyang, Harbin, wafangdian bearing is good, three production in addition to bearing unfavorable use small factory production, but also pay attention to the fake products.


Industrial metal shredder blade: the most influential factor in the price factor is the industrial metal shredder blade, which tends to be 2-4 times different because of the different materials. The price of industrial metal shredder is the quantity and material of the cutting machine head of industrial metal. The most expensive and most important thing is the blade.


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