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Industrial shredder can be pided into many types:

Industrial shredder

1.Various hollow containers: plastic beverage cans industrial shredder, plastic barrel industry shredder, iron bucket industry shredder, packaging industry shredder, packaging barrel industry shredder;

2.Waste home appliances: shredder of TV industry, shredder of washer industry, shredder of refrigerator shell industry;

3.Pipe material: shredder of large pipe industry, shredder of pipe piece industry, and shredder of PE pipe industry;

4.Used templates: wood pallet industrial shredder, plastic tray industry shredder, forklift truck industry shredder;

5.Used tires: car tire industry shredder, truck tire industry shredder;

6.Scrap metal, automobile shredder industrial shredder shell, aluminum alloy industry, waste aluminum industrial shredder, motor shell industrial shredder, lead and under 5 mm thickness steel plate; hutch garbage industry shredder, living garbage shredder, animal carcasses industrial shredder, RDF derivatives shredder, medical waste, food, biological straw shredder shredder, garden waste industrial shredder;

8.Shredder of rubber head material industry and shredder of paper mill rope industry;

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