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Metal shredder heavy load, low speed, low price adjustment and continuous production. In normal repair, all kinds of smooth oil, especially the bearing capacity of the main engine. We should also pay attention to several aspects related to the smooth handling and application of the bearing, which can also extend the use of the bearing.

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Multi-functional metal shredder

In the application of metal shredder, the wear and tear increase, the attack is different, the application of smooth oil is not very good. In addition to the information and design problems, it is fair to say that smooth oil is not suitable for use: 1. Mix new oil and old oil.

Metal shredder though is known as the templet metal shredder, but it only represent tore up a wide range, such as comparison of metal material, or material harder material, or more than metal shredder shredded material size range of the material are not suitable for direct torn, forced up these materials can cause metal shredder card, serious still can cause damage to the machine, how to avoid metal shredder jammed the happening of this site? We should have a knowledge of the metal shredder, and follow the following methods to avoid the case of carcasks, so that the service life of the equipment will be longer. 1. The hardness of the material can not be torn apart by metal shredder; 2. Not exceeding the maximum extent of shredding materials of metal shredder; 3.we will strictly in accordance with the rules of metal shredder operation, for some uncertain complicated materials we ahead metal shredder commissioning work, maximize avoid metal shredder card material.

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