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Well,because the workload is relatively large, it's not easy to maintain the metal shredder equipment,especially for the spindle,which is important for the shredder.How to maintain the spindle of metal shredder?


(1) After the metal shredder is turned on, the operator must check the working state of the motor. To check whether the pipeline status is normal, the cooling water must be properly circulated. It is strictly forbidden to open the metal shredder spindle motor without the passage of cooling water in the spindle motor;


(2) The operator must clean the tool, chuck and pressure cap when lifting the knife. This detail is achieved and the life of the spindle motor can be greatly extended;


(3) After the work is done every day, the operator should use the vacuum cleaner to clean the scraps on the rotor end of the metal shredder's spindle motor and the motor terminals to prevent the waste from accumulating on the rotor end and the terminal block, so as to avoid waste. Enter the bearing to accelerate the wear of the high speed bearing;


(4) The spindle motor should be cleaned up after the work is completed. If this habit is developed, the most important maintenance work of the spindle motor will be done!

In addition to the above, the operator is strictly prohibited from taking up the job without training. When the spindle fails, do not disassemble it. Contact the manufacturer for troubleshooting and troubleshooting.


The spindle of the metal shredder is the largest equipment accessory for contacting workpieces and scraps, and the performance of the spindle also greatly affects the processing technology. Therefore, in the daily production and processing, we must do the spindle maintenance and maintenance work.


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