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As an environmental protection and energy-saving equipment, metal shredder equipment needs to maintain the stability of voltage to ensure production, so what kind of stability will be caused by voltage instability?


1. Uneven discharging or even blocking the clamping machine, unstable voltage will initially affect the stability of the motor, speed asymmetry, and so on, resulting in uneven discharging. In the case of uneven feeding, it is more likely to cause blockage, which will cause the wall to be filled with unfinished materials. In serious cases, a lot of blockages may lead to shutdown or even motor temperature continues to rise.


2. Belt may be damaged by sprocket. When the voltage is unstable, the transmission may accept a large degree of tension, resulting in loose belt, long time may occur slippage, etc. Therefore, in the situation of no way to ensure voltage stability, it is necessary to adjust the transmission from time to time.


3. When the motor is unstable and the voltage is unstable, following the change of the force accepted by the transmission, it will also make the original fixed point displacement of the motor and the looseness of the base screw, so it is necessary to constantly check whether some of these are defective.


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