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For the metal shredder, the small part is composed of its accessories, so extending its service life can start from its accessories. So for the metal shredder, what can be done to effectively extend the service life of the equipment?


First of all, the equipment should be strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the standards, must not enter the larger stone. It is best to let the metal shredder handle the materials after first grade crushing.


In addition, in order to ensure the normal operation of the metal shredder, but also to check the various smooth system to see if there is any lack of oil or screw loosening phenomenon, to regularly and quantitatively refueling operations, to pay attention to metal and other things can not fall into the shredding chamber.


In order to prevent the need from time to time, but also to meet the spare parts, if a single part of the damage can be replaced in time, the damaged parts can not be long-term adherence to production, otherwise damaged parts will impact the machine, thus causing greater damage to the equipment.


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