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Introduction of metal shredder

Metal shredder mainly consists of shredding blade, carrying box, box support, feeding system, power system and electrical control system. It is mainly used for crushing materials to reduce their volume and save space for transportation and recycling.


The use of metal shredder

Metal shredder is a kind of used for coarse crusher, metal shredder used to shred all kinds of metal, plastic, rubber, tire, fiber, paper, wood, iron, waste electrical appliances, waste cable, mill under the Angle expected, living garbage and other solid or hollow material, make it more small size.


The characteristics of metal shredder

(1) heavy knife, crushing efficiency high speed knife and fixed knife are cast in alloy steel, strong and long service life.

(2) iron frame plate is thick, can resist high torque, very strong.

(3) easy adjustment, low maintenance cost and durable economy.

(4) the unit output shall be calculated by the theoretical calculation, and the specific use shall be determined according to the density and shape of the actual crushing material.


The working principle of metal shredder

Internal material into pieces by feeding system enclosure, bearing have torn the blade on the box body, the material after shredding blade ripping, extrusion, shear, such as combination, tear into small pieces of materials, from the lower part of body.


Maintenance of metal shredder equipment.

(1) check whether the connections on the connected parts of the equipment are loose on a regular basis.

(2) check the current of the main motor of the device regularly.

(3) regularly check the wear and tear of the tool.


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