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Based on years of research and experience on the metal shredder blade, it is caused by defects in the heat treatment process or material of the blade. Secondly, the customer selection machine does not fully explain the broken material. Since the metal shredder can be pided into several applications such as plastic, metal, wood, garbage, etc., the brittleness and toughness of the blade need to be considered for different materials, and the high wear-resistant blade is usually brittle. A blade with a higher hardness.


Because of the poor impact resistance of the blade, it is often used for the crushing of plastic or other light and thin materials, while the blade with better toughness passes through the blade with lower hardness and lower wear resistance, so when the crushing is performed Can choose. In addition, in the heat treatment process, it is necessary to carry out quenching and tempering according to the actual material properties of the blade to achieve a good critical point of wear resistance and impact resistance. Therefore, when selecting the metal shredder blade, the customer should choose the manufacturer with the credit guarantee to purchase the blade according to the actual production needs, so as to avoid the non-wearing or breakage of the metal shredder blade caused by the sub-filling of the blade. The emergence of phenomena.


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