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Aluminum scrap shredder is one of the commonly used shredders because of its high shredding efficiency. Energy saving is small, so it is loved and favored by factories and enterprises. So what exactly is the concept of aluminum scrap shredder?


Aluminum scrap shredder is a professional machine that crushes and processes large-size solid metal materials to the required size. Crushers can be pided into coarse crushers, medium crushers, fine mills, and ultrafine mills according to the size of the material being crushed or crushed. This machine is mainly composed of worm gear motor, casing, frame, combined helical gear cutter head, driving shaft, driven shaft, large gear, small gear and other parts.


Working principle

It adopts double-shaft or single-shaft low-speed rotation, and uses a cutter head to cut, cut, tear and pull the material. The directly connected worm gear motor is directly installed on the driving shaft of the grinder, and is transmitted to the driven shaft through gear speed change, so that the moving knife of the driving shaft and the stationary cutter head on the casing form relative movement. The spiral tooth cutters on the driving shaft are staggered, so that after the material enters, it is simultaneously squeezed, torn, and sheared, so that the material is broken.



1. The blade has four cutting edges, which can be rotated 90 degrees after being worn, and can continue to be used.

2.External bearing design, waterproof and dustproof, prolong bearing life.

3. Hydraulic forced feeding, the speed is stable and adjustable, and the propulsion is large and uniform.

4. Hard tooth surface reducer, high transmission efficiency, strong carrying capacity and low noise.


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