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The aluminum scrap shredder can also be called the waste aluminum profile crusher, which is specially designed for shredding various aluminum profile materials. It is suitable for all kinds of large-volume, refractory pressed or non-compressed aluminum materials. Uniform material, controllable size and other advantages. So how to do the maintenance of the aluminum scrap shredder in the daily production activities?


1.Regular lubrication

The aluminum scrap shredder equipment needs to be regularly maintained during production. Because the aluminum scrap shredder is in a harsh working environment all year round, whether the screws and bolts are loose, you can use the hand to gently pull the belt to test the rotation, and whether there is a shell collision. At the same time, check the direction of rotation. It is strictly prohibited to smash flammable and explosive items to avoid accidents.


When the aluminum scrap shredder equipment is working, only the rotating parts can be properly lubricated to achieve its good condition and reduce friction. However, after a long time of use, the lubricant of many rotating parts will be gradually consumed, and dry noise and noise will occur. For other phenomena, this requires regular lubrication to ensure the normal operation of each rotating part.



2.Bearing temperature

The aluminum scrap shredder requires smooth operation and the load is within the tolerance range, otherwise it will cause damage to key components quickly. The bearing temperature is the "barometer" of operation and load. Therefore, when the aluminum scrap shredder equipment is running, it is necessary to check the bearing temperature regularly to ensure that the temperature cannot be too high. If it is too high, stop feeding immediately and find out. The reason is to continue working after troubleshooting.


3. Descaling work

For a aluminum scrap shredder, a rusty part will cause the shredder to slow down its work efficiency, and the friction will increase, which will easily cause wear to the inside of the shredder. Workers should always observe the parts of the aluminum scrap shredder. If there is any rust, it should be disposed of in time. The treatment method is to remove the rust and then add lubricant to protect it.


If abnormal noise is found during use, the user needs to check whether the rotating shaft of the device's inner cavity is damaged. If not, it means that there is too little butter on the rotating shaft, which causes the friction between the rotating shaft and the gear to increase. This kind of glitch needs to be found and solved in time to avoid causing serious problems. Users need to add butter to the shaft periodically to prevent the shaft from being damaged due to poor lubrication.


4. When the problem of the poor efficiency of the crushed material of the aluminum scrap shredder is found during the production process, the machine should be shut down and inspected immediately. This situation is likely to be caused by the large gap between the inner cutter blades of the equipment caused by the long-time crushing of the harder material. This kind of failure is also a normal loss phenomenon. As long as the user checks that the cutter head is not worn, there is no need to replace it, just adjust the gap between the blades.


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