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A shredder is a machine used for coarse shredding, which is generally used to process raw materials or scraps to make them smaller. Compared with other crushers, the cutter shaft has low rotation speed, low noise and low energy consumption. The following  introduces the working principle and application scope of aluminum scrap shredder in detail for you.


Application range of aluminum scrap shredder:

Waste aluminum, aluminum plate, aluminum slag, aluminum scrap, aluminum wire, aluminum block, aluminum pass, aluminum can, aluminum rod, aluminum mesh, aluminum box, angle aluminum, aluminum bowl, aluminum bar, aluminum head, aluminum ladder, aluminum fence, Aluminum support, aluminum sheet, OEM, aluminum plate and other metals.


The characteristics of aluminum scrap shredder:

1. Satisfactory design, the body is welded from good quality steel.

2. It is fastened with high-strength screws, with a solid structure and durable use.

3. Equipped with cutters of different materials at the same time, so that the cutters can be adjusted and retracted for different materials, and can be ground after being blunt. Repeated use, long life.

4. This machine has the advantages of advanced structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation, stable operation, low investment and high efficiency.

5. Equipped with oversized belt pulley to increase the inertia of the grinder, which can save energy and strong crushing.

6. The design of the main machine is exquisite, and the crushed material adopts a separate design to make the output higher.

7. The crushed pieces are processed uniformly and the loss is small. Multiple tools can be changed at the same time to meet different needs.


Advantages of aluminum scrap shredder equipment:

1. the material directly enters the shred cavity for shredding, and is not controlled by feeding;

2.there is no shredding at the bottom of the sieve, and no problems such as material blockage will occur;

.3the material is quickly shredded by squeezing and cutting between the two rolls;

4.the number of blade teeth and thickness can be changed arbitrarily to meet the user's needs for material size.


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