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If the lubrication is not in place, it may affect the normal operation of the industrial dual shaft shredder. In severe cases, it may even damage the equipment. The previous article which called How to choose the lubricant of industrial dual shaft shredder,introduced the choice of shredder lubricating oil in detail. The wrong choice of lubricating oil is as serious as the consequences of not doing well. There are many factors that affect the choice of lubricants for dual shaft shredders. Below we will introduce the aspects of lubricants selection for industrial shredders:


1. Dual shaft shredder load (pressure), high-viscosity lubricating oil is more resistant to heavy loads and collision friction between metals than low-viscosity lubricating oil. Therefore, low-viscosity lubricating oil should be used when the device is lightly loaded, and should be used at high load Use high viscosity lubricating oil.


2. The speed of the machine, the faster the gears slide and rotate, the less time it takes for the lubricant to enter between the gears. Not only that, the lubricant is also more likely to agglomerate and thicken under high-speed operation. Therefore, comprehensive considerations, gear operation with high viscosity oil at low speed, low viscosity oil at high speed.


3. When the temperature drops, the lubricating oil will thicken; when the temperature rises, it will become thinner. Therefore, under high temperature conditions, heavy lubricating oil is required to prevent dry friction between metal and metal; under low temperature conditions, equipment requires low viscosity lubricating oil.


4. Hit the load. When the engine of the dual shaft shredder emits rhythm power, the equipment needs thicker lubricating oil to prevent the boundary lubrication caused by the instantaneous cracking of the oil film, because in this case, very little lubricating oil can be left. In this case, a lubricant containing extreme pressure additives is needed.


5. The gear type of the machine, when using straight teeth, helical teeth, herringbone teeth and bevel gear pairs, it will produce an effective oil film for the industrial dual shaft shredder during sliding and rotation, thereby slowing the direct meshing contact between the two wheels, and the turbine scroll On non-equal shaft transmissions such as hyperbolic gears, the direction of relative sliding motion is not conducive to maintaining oil film. On this transmission, boundary lubrication often occurs in large quantities.


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