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When we use the dual shaft shredder again, the choice of lubricating oil is also an important factor that affects the mechanical efficiency. Only with lubricating machinery with good lubricating oil can work more smoothly, otherwise poor lubricating oil will also cause mechanical failure. So how do we choose lubricant oil ?


Lubricant oil selection method:

1. The working environment of the dual shaft shredder is accompanied by impurities such as coal dust, rock dust and moisture, and the lubricant oil is inevitably polluted by these impurities. Therefore, the purchased lubricating oil should have anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance, and the performance of the lubricating oil must not be changed due to pollution, so as to ensure the normal operation of the single-shaft crusher.


2. Some dual shaft shredders operate in an open air environment and often undergo large temperature changes. Therefore, the change in lubricating oil viscosity with temperature is required to be small, otherwise the lubricating effect will not be achieved. In addition, it is necessary to avoid that the viscosity of the lubricating oil is too high when the temperature is low, so that starting and running are difficult.


 3. During the daily use of the dual shaft shredder, various types of faults or improper operation often occur, which may burn the motor, and even cause a fire. Therefore, users should use lubricating oil with better flame resistance, so that the safety factor when using a dual shaft shredder will be higher.


 4. The lubricating oil should have better thermal stability and oxidation resistance. The structure of the dual shaft shredder makes the volume of the oil tank smaller, so the amount of lubricating oil installed is relatively small, and the oil temperature of the dual shaft shredder is relatively high during operation , Need lubricating oil to have better thermal stability.


5. It is required that the adaptability of the lubricant oil to the seal is better to avoid damage to the seal.


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