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Since dual shaft shredder equipment is facing the market, it is favored by customers because of its wide range of crushing, reasonable and compact structural design, and few failures. Even the best equipment has wear and tear, and regular and reasonable maintenance is also necessary, which can effectively extend the service life of the double shaft shredder.


After working for a certain period of time, the dual shaft shredder needs to check whether the lubricant is lacking. If it is lacking, the amount of addition should be two-thirds of the oil standard. For the selection of lubricating oil, please refer to the previous article "How to choose the lubricant of industrial dual shaft shredder".


The blade of the dual shaft shredder is a sharp tool for crushing materials. After a period of use, the pressure pad may loosen. Regular inspections and tightening are required to prevent accidents.


 In addition, the double shaft shredder needs to run at no load for a few minutes before each start-up, so that the broken materials inside can be fully output, check whether there is noise, and prevent it from happening. It also needs to run for a few more minutes before shutting down, so that there is residual material in the crushing chamber. Due to the different materials of the crushed material, avoid damage to the dual shaft shredder blade.


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