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Dual shaft shredder is a multi-functional environment-friendly energy-saving equipment, which can shred waste metal, woven bags, plastic bottles and other waste materials into small pieces, which is more convenient for centralized processing and processing into new finished products.


In addition to daily maintenance, dual shaft shredders need to pay attention (for knowledge about maintenance, you can see the previous article "How to maintain dual shaft shredder"), and correct operating procedures are also very important.


1. After the dual shaft shredder is connected to the power supply, confirm whether the equipment is operating normally, and then put in the crushed materials;


2. The feeding should be carried out step by step. It is not possible to put too much material at one time, otherwise it may cause the tool to be stuck. Once this phenomenon occurs, immediately shut down the power supply and then deal with it. ,Tighten the screws;


3. Finally, the crushed materials are sorted and installed, and the garbage generated when the dual shaft shredder is in operation is cleaned up.


During the operation of the dual shaft shredder, it is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the double shaft shredder for operation, so as not to cause injury. It is strictly forbidden to put high-hardness materials into the shredder to cause damage to the tool. Only then can the normal service life of the shredder be guaranteed to the greatest extent.


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