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The dual shaft shredder plays a key role in the batch recovery of waste tires. The spindle of the shredder is one of the important structures on the shredder. Therefore, attention must be paid to corrective actions. If the spindle twists and turns, there will be very serious results.


The effect of spindle twisting of dual shaft shredder:

1. Affect the service life of the spindle;

2. Drying and cutting of the blade will reduce the service life of the blade;

3. Affect the scale of processed materials;

4. Decrease bearing service life;

5. Not easy to install;

6. If the reducer is directly connected, it will reduce the service life of the reducer; use a belt drive, easy to skip the belt, and reduce the service life of the triangle belt.


Therefore, the accuracy of the spindle must be strictly requested to ensure the service life of the equipment, increase the yield, and satisfy the customer's request.


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