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In the process of the dual shaft shredder, we can use some tips to make the dual shaft shredder work more efficiently, quickly and safely.


1. Choose the same kind of materials as much as possible. For example, if we shred wood, we will always shred the wood, and the cans will always be shredded. This can ensure the working effect of the dual sahft shredder, and the shredded products are more uniform, and at the same time It also protects the dual shaft shredder.


2. The dual shaft shredder is pre-heated and idling before start-up. Many people ignore this small detail, but it turns out that the dual shaft shredder is idly pre-heated before working can greatly improve its working state and service life.


3. The lubrication of the dual shaft shredder should be done well. This is not only to increase the output and production capacity, but also to extend the service life of the dual shaft shredder.


4. After the work is completed, the dual shaft shredder should not be shut down in a hurry, and the machine should be completely discharged before shutting down the machine. This will not waste materials and will be conducive to the next normal start of the double shaft shredder and can extend the shredder's life.


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