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Because the application object of the twin shaft shredder is to tear up the hard to break objects, so it is in high-strength operation for a long time. In this way, all parts of the dual shaft shredder may be damaged, one of which is the fracture of the spindle. There are generally three reasons for such problems: the quality of the spindle, external factors, and the fatigue fracture of the spindle.


The specific solution can be based on the actual situation to choose the appropriate spindle material, to ensure the normal external factors, so as to avoid the problem of spindle fracture. But for the third part, the reason is that the feed is biased to one side, which makes the material distributed unevenly in the tearing cavity, resulting in uneven load at the bottom of the tearing cavity, resulting in impact load. In the process of eccentric rotation, the spindle is periodically affected by the impact force, which causes the spindle to fold repeatedly, and finally leads to the fatigue fracture of the spindle. For the third reason, the double shaft shredder can be improved to solve the fracture problem of the spindle, such as setting the baffle in the feeding funnel, adjusting the height of the free fall of materials, and adjusting the upper frame crossbeam to be parallel to the feeding direction, while keeping the dual shaft shredder as full as possible (full feeding can make the industrial shredder play its maximum production capacity).


Through the improvement of these measures, the stress condition of the spindle is greatly improved, and the working environment and equipment operation condition are significantly improved. After the improvement, the equipment is still in normal operation and has achieved good results, ensuring the safe, reliable and economic operation of the equipment, and improving the working efficiency and service life of the equipment.


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