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The main purpose of the reducer in the dual shaft shredder is to reduce speed and increase torque. In the working parts of the shredder, the speed decreases and the output torque increases. Deceleration reduces the inertia of the load. The reduction of inertia is the deceleration ratio. Therefore, the combination of the dual shaft shredder and the reducer makes the double shaft shredder have low torque and high torque, and improves the production efficiency. Torque output ratio multiplied by motor output (but not more than torque).


Key points for replacing the speed reducer of dual shaft shredder:


1. Unscrew the screws on the outer side of the reducer flange, adjust the clamping ring of PCS system, align the side hole with the dust hole, pierce the inner hexagon, and tighten it. Then, remove the motor shaft key;


2.Naturally connect the motor to the transmission. When connecting, make sure that the output shaft of the reducer is concentric with the input shaft of the motor, and the outer flanges of the two are parallel. Because the heart can't work together, the motor shaft will be broken or the reducer gear will be worn;


3.Before the equipment, confirm whether the motor and reducer of the double shaft shredder are in good condition, and strictly check whether the dimensions of the components connected to the motor and reducer match. The following are the dimensions of the locating boss, input shaft and reducer slot of the motor.


Double shaft shredder reducer has high transmission efficiency, low energy consumption, superior performance and high precision. If it is not used for maintenance for a long time, it will also cause damage to the reducer due to one or another problem. Replacing the reducer with a shredder is a good thing. Double shaft shredder reducer for you to replace the golden rule, so that you can easily get replacement work.


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