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The reducer equipped in the dual shaft shredder equipment is mainly used to bear the impact of materials on the main shaft during the tearing process, so as to reduce the damage of the auxiliary equipment such as the motor caused by the load change. The reducer also has an important role in adjusting the speed, and the fixed speed of the motor can be controlled by the speed ra


tio conversion of the gear or worm in this part.


Before we introduced how to replace the reducer of the dual shaft shredder, so how to maintain the reducer to extend its service life?


Daily maintenance of dual shaft shredder reducer:

1、 Whether the fastening reliability of each fastener and the wiring of the oil supply pump are correct;

2、 Whether the coupling guard, grounding wire and other protective devices are installed properly;

3、 Check the cleanliness of lubricating oil once a month, and replace it in time if it is dirty or deteriorated;

4、 The lubricating oil shall be changed once after the reducer has been running for 300 hours;

5、 Clean the vent cap and oil station filter once a month to remove the sundries in the filter;

6、 Check whether the connecting bolts between the motor and the reducer are tight every month;

7、 Check whether the connecting bolts between the motor and the reducer are tight every month;

8、 Check whether the oil level, oil temperature and oil pressure are normal every day.


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