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A high efficiency reducer can turn the kinetic energy of the motor with small power and small power into strong low torque, but it is also a very important thing for the maintenance of the reducer. Today, I will introduce the more effective maintenance skills of the reducer in the dual shaft shredder.


Before the dual shaft shredder is released to the user, the waste dual shaft shredder manufacturer will make a few simple tests and tests on the performance of the equipment, but it still needs further running in to reach the user. We will set the running in period of 300 hours, then change the speed reduction oil after the time limit, and adopt the gear oil on the market, but we should be careful that the gear oil should be fixed brand and model. At the same time of changing the gear oil of reducer, pay attention to cleaning the impurities in the box.


In addition, we should also pay attention to the impact of temperature on the reducer. In summer, after the dual shaft shredder  shredder has worked for a long time, we should pay attention to whether the temperature of the reducer is too high, whether there is noise, etc. if there is any, please stop the machine immediately to check and clean up the obstacles. High temperature has a great impact on the operation life of the reducer, so as to avoid such situation. In winter, the temperature is low and minus 10 ℃ When the temperature is too low, pay attention to the smoothness of the reducer. The lubricating oil will become thick when the temperature is too low. The oil will not flow into the top of the case as quickly as it does in summer. If you start the machine and use it directly at this time, it will speed up the wear degree of the reducer. If necessary, you may add electric heating in advance to make the temperature of the reducer rise up and then use it again. Also, pay attention to the shaking and sound of the reducer during the period ordinary.


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