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Dual shaft shredder, also known as shear shredder, can reduce the size of materials by shearing, tearing and extruding. This kind of shredder is widely used in waste plastics, rubber, wood and other large volume wastes. Then, when using the dual shaft shredder, we must do a good job in security to eliminate the faults and hidden dangers.


First of all, understand that the dual shaft shredder can tear those materials. Before operation, according to the design and application scope of the dual shaft shredder, understand the purpose of the dual shaft shredder, which is used to tear specific materials.


Second, understand the main structure and working principle of the dual shaft shredder. If possible, users can invite technicians from manufacturers of dual shaft shredder equipment to provide on-site guidance, organize training for operators, and focus on the composition, performance, daily maintenance and common troubleshooting of dual shaft shredder.


Third, during the operation of the dual shaft shredder, pay attention to the parameters of the key parts. Once it is found that there is a difference with the specified standards, it is necessary to stop the operation and continue the operation after troubleshooting. If you can't solve the problem, you can call the manufacturer's technical personnel, and if necessary, contact the manufacturer to provide on-site service.


Fourth, when the equipment of the dual shaft shredder encounters faults, the first step is to cut off the power supply of the engine, take safety protection measures, and check the faults and hidden dangers.


Fifth, when adding shredded materials, it should be uniform. At the same time, the size of the material added shall not exceed the specified size of the dual shaft shredder, which is easy to cause damage to the dual shaft shredder. In addition, check whether there are hard objects in the materials, such as nails, stones, etc. These hard objects are easy to cause wear and tear of the dual shaft shredder equipment, and even serious damage to the equipment, affecting the service life.


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