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The double roller crusher is composed of crushing roll, adjusting device, spring safety device, transmission device and frame, etc.


Crusher roll: it is a parallel device on the horizontal axis with two opposite rotating rolls, which is the main working mechanism of the crusher. The bearing of one roller (on the right side of the figure) is movable, the bearing of the other roller is fixed, and the crushing roller is composed of shaft, hub and roller skin. The roller shaft is matched with the hub on the tapered surface by a key, and the roller skin is fixed on the hub. With the help of three tapered arc irons, they are fixed together by bolts and nuts. Because the roller skin is in direct contact with the ore, it needs to be replaced frequently, and it is generally made of high manganese steel or special carbon steel (chromium steel, chromium manganese steel, etc.) with good wear resistance.


Adjustment device: the adjustment device is used to adjust the gap between the two crushing rollers (i.e. ore discharge port), which is adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of spacers between the two roller bearings, or by using the worm gear adjustment mechanism, so as to control the particle size of crushing products.


Spring safety device: it is a very important part of the double roller crusher. The spring tightness plays an important role in the normal operation and overload protection of the crusher. When the machine is working normally, the spring pressure should be able to balance the force generated between the two rollers, so as to maintain the clearance of the ore discharge port and make the product particle size uniform. When the crusher enters the non crushing object, the spring shall be compressed to force the movable crushing roller to move laterally, and the width of the ore discharge opening shall be increased to ensure that the machine will not be damaged. After the non broken objects are removed, the spring returns to its original state and the machine works as usual.


In the working process of the crusher, the safety spring is always in the state of vibration, so the spring is prone to fatigue damage, it must be checked frequently and replaced regularly.


Driving device: the motor drives two crushing rolls to rotate in opposite direction through a V-belt (or gear reducer) and a pair of long tooth gears. The gear is a special standard long tooth. When the crusher enters the non broken object, the distance between the two roller shafts will change. At this time, the long tooth gear can still ensure the normal engagement. However, this kind of long tooth gear is very difficult to manufacture, and often gets stuck or broken in the work. Therefore, the long tooth gear transmission device is mainly used for the double roll crusher with low revolution, and the peripheral speed of the roller surface is less than 3 M / s. For crushers with high revolution (peripheral speed greater than 4m / s), separate motors are often used to drive two rollers to rotate respectively, which requires the installation of two motors (or two sets of deceleration devices), so the price is relatively expensive.


Frame: the frame is generally cast iron, or welded or riveted with section steel. The frame structure must be firm.


In recent years, the development of roller crusher is slow. Only in the adjustment and insurance of machine discharge port, hydraulic device is used, and multi roller crusher (such as four roller crusher) appears. The four roller crusher is actually a kind of combined double roller crusher, which is composed of two pairs of roller crushers with the same specifications in series. Its structure is basically the same as the smooth face roller crusher. This kind of crusher is driven by two motors through a belt or gear reducer.


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