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The most important part of the dual shaft shredder is the blade. The blade will be blunt after a period of use. How to repair and sharpen the dual shaft shredder blades? I'd like to share with you the sharpening method of the dual shaft shredder blade. 


1. Sharpening with surface grinder: the grinding effect of surface grinder is very good. Grinding the blade of dual shaft shredder with surface grinder can not only effectively protect the blade, but also have a very good final effect. The grinding quality is absolutely guaranteed.


2. Use the grinding wheel to sharpen: when it comes to grinding wheel, I believe many people are familiar with it. In daily life, the use frequency of grinding wheel is very high, so it is a good choice to use grinding wheel to polish the blade of dual shaft shredder equipment. The familiarity of manual operation also makes us have a good grasp of the grinding process.


3. Use the automatic grinder to sharpen: if you want to save a little effort, the automatic grinder is undoubtedly the best choice, simple operation and easy to master.


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