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The blade of the dual shaft shredder belongs to the parts easy to wear, so it needs to be replaced for a period of time. Replacing the blade can improve the production efficiency with high quality and quantity. If the worn blade is not replaced in time, it will lead to uneven wood crushing fineness, reduce the output and crushing quality. When replacing the blade, it needs to stop the machine and cut off the power supply. When the blade is not sharp, it should be grinded in time. So, if the blade of the dual shaft shredder is seriously worn, how to solve it?


If the dual shaft shredder blade is seriously worn, it is necessary to replace it with a new one. Install and adjust the blade. Adjust the height of the blade. The edge of the flat blade is exposed outside the disk. After the vertical height is adjusted, tighten the pressing bolt to prevent the blade from moving and damaging the machine. For the adjustment of fixed knife, the clearance between fixed knife and moving knife shall be adjusted between 1 and 2mm.


After replacing the blade, check whether the bolts at all parts are tightened. If they are loose, tighten them. Turn the pulley by hand. There should be no friction between the parts and the casing to ensure safety. After starting up, the belt conveyor can only be fed when it reaches the normal speed. It is not allowed to start the belt conveyor. During feeding, the hand shall not go deep into the feeding port to prevent the hand from being injured. If the machine makes abnormal noise during operation, it shall be stopped for inspection and troubleshooting to avoid damaging the machine. The operator shall not stand in the central position of the feeding mouth and feed sideways to prevent accidents.


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