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Dual shaft shredder is a common shredding equipment, which is often used to tear waste tires, plastic products, metal products, wood and so on, and provide raw materials for other products, playing a huge role in environmental protection. However, because the double dual shaft shredder needs a long time continuous high-power work, it is easy to break down, but in the process of operation, few people pay attention to how to operate the shredder correctly. Correct operation of the dual shaft shredder is conducive to improving its service life and reducing production costs. Then, what are the correct operation steps of the dual shaft shredder and what should we pay attention to in the production process?


In addition, it also checks whether the parts are loose, so as to achieve the purpose of production. Many people ignore this small detail, but it is proved that the working condition and service life of the shredder can be greatly improved by idling and preheating before working.


For materials, try to choose the same kind. For example, when we tear wood, we always tear wood. When we tear cans, we always tear cans. This can ensure the working effect of the shredder, make the products more even, and protect the shredder.


Reasonable and regular maintenance of shredder equipment: do a good job in the lubrication of the shredder, which is not only to improve the output and production capacity, but also to prolong the service life of the shredder.


During the shift change of the dual shaft shredder, special attention shall be paid to completely discharge the remaining materials in the shredder cavity before shutting down the machine.


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