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Single shaft shredder and dual shaft shredder belong to the equipment of shredder. Its function is to tear up materials, but many users in the process of material processing, due to the strict requirements and limits on the discharge, do not know which model should be selected? This paper introduces two kinds of equipment in detail combined with application practice.


Different points of single / dual shaft shredder:

1. In the aspect of discharging, the dual shaft shredder is more refined than the single shaft shredder, and in the aspect of output, the capacity of dual shaft shredder is higher than that of the single shaft shredder, which is determined by the internal structure of the equipment. The user should make a reasonable choice in the process of equipment selection, so as to achieve a more satisfactory effect.


2. In the production line, the dual shaft shredder is mainly used as the front-end shredder, also known as the first level shredder, while the fine shredder is usually used as the second level shredder, so they are very different in function, performance, function and other aspects.


Similarities of single / dual shaft shredder:

1. Single shaft shredder and dual shaft shredder can handle medium hardness materials, and they are quite simple and convenient in terms of production and operation. Generally speaking, the shredder is generally defaulted as dual shaft shredder, which can be pided into coarse shredder and fine shredder, and fine shredder is the traditional fine shredder.


2. Both equipment are crushing equipment, which can directly or indirectly crush materials, and can be used in various production lines, and in the actual application process, they have particle size adjustable, and the two equipment can be the same if conditions permit.


3. These two types of equipment have the advantages of environmental protection, which is mainly reflected in the fact that they will not produce any noise or cause any harm to the environment in the process of work. Therefore, these two types of equipment can keep pace with the times, conform to the trend of the development of the times, and inject new vitality and vitality into the future development of the field of waste recycling.


As for which shredder equipment to choose, users need to choose reasonably under the guidance of professionals.


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