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Usually, when we buy the dual shaft shredder, we need to conduct a test, and then decide whether the device is worth buying. So before the dual shaft shredder leaves the factory, what should we mainly observe?


First of all, what we need to see in the test run of the manufacturer of the dual shaft shredder is the situation of the material entering the equipment. Some equipment seems to be very good due to the unreasonable design. After the test run, the material repeatedly rotates at the feeding port but does not enter. In this case, what we call machines do not eat. If this situation occurs, it means that there is something wrong with the blade of the dual shaft shredder, or the design of the equipment itself is unreasonable. For a qualified dual shaft shredder product, it is necessary to achieve smooth feeding, uniform discharging, high output and high efficiency. We need to test the equipment, we must do a reasonable and normal crushing, feeding, discharging and a series of processes, then we can say that a part of the success in the test machine.


After testing the feeding and discharging problems, we will listen to the sound. The sound produced by the equipment is also very important. It is very normal for the dual shaft shredder to make some noise during the processing of materials, but if the noise is very loud and accompanied by high vibration, it means that the dual shaft shredder is not installed in place, the length of blade is not uniform, or the material used by the equipment itself is not good enough, etc.


In short, when you have such a problem during the test run, you must not buy such equipment, otherwise you will regret it. No matter for the manufacturer or the user, the test can not only help us to understand the problems of the machine, but also let us improve it in time.


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