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When we use the dual shaft shredder, we have two problems: dust pollution and noise pollution. Dust pollution is a common problem of crushing machines, while noise pollution is a common problem of large machines. How to deal with these two problems?


Dust pollution is a direct threat to people's lives, especially in the environment of dust pollution will cause a variety of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. If we don't solve the dust problem, the life and health of the workers who operate the dual shaft shredder for a long time will be seriously threatened.


Solution: the dust pollution of the dual shaft shredder can be reduced by installing fans at the discharge port and the crushing chamber of the dual shaft shredder, and using pipes and bag dust collectors. This method is easy to operate, low cost, strong feasibility, and can solve the dust problem well.


The higher the decibel of noise, the greater the harm to human body. When the dual shaft shredder is working, its noise is higher than the ordinary noise decibel, so the damage to the surrounding people (including the staff of the dual shaft shredder) is also higher than that caused by the ordinary noise.


Solution: when we install the shredder, we need to dig a pit first, make a floor at the bottom of the pit, and then install the dual shaft shredder at the bottom of the ground, so as to effectively prevent noise diffusion. However, the noise generated by the feed needs to be reduced by using foam interlayer color steel tile.


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