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Dual shaft shredder can be used for coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing of metal materials. It can turn waste aluminum and other metals into treasure. Compared with the past oil manual recycling of metal resources, the working efficiency of dual shaft shredder is many times higher. However, no matter how good the equipment is, we also need to control it by our staff. There are still many things we need to pay attention to when using the dual shaft shredder. Let's learn about it.


1. Small dual shaft shredder should work in a spacious and bright place, and fire prevention measures should also be taken.


2. The equipment should be installed in a professional way. Copper should ensure reliable grounding for the motor equipped with the equipment, so as to avoid accidents caused by the power connection of the equipment in the working process.


3. The motor should match the dual shaft shredder.


4. The material can enter the dual shaft shredder after screening.


5. Do a good job in lubricating the equipment, and at the same time, keep the uniform feeding during the operation of the equipment.


6. In case of abnormal sound and vibration during the operation of dual shaft shredder, the machine should be stopped immediately for inspection.


7. Before the equipment stops working, it is necessary to stop feeding until the materials inside the equipment are torn up.


Dual shaft shredder in the use of the above seven aspects need special attention, good use of equipment to make it play a maximum efficiency.


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