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Dual shaft shredder in daily work need to pay attention to many details, many of which will directly affect the production efficiency of the equipment. Here, we talk about the importance of voltage stability, dual shaft shredder voltage instability can have the following adverse consequences:


Unstable motor fixation: the voltage is stable and punctual. With the change of transmission force, the original fixed point of the motor will be displaced, and the screws on the base will be loosened. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether there are any defects;


Belt or sprocket damage: the voltage is unstable and punctual, and the tension accepted by some of the drives is large, resulting in the belt being too loose. If the time is too long, the appearance of slipping may occur. Therefore, when the voltage stability cannot be guaranteed, it is necessary to adjust the transmission.


Uneven discharge and even blocking; voltage instability will first affect the stability of the motor, the speed is uneven, sometimes fast or slow, and so on, and then make the material uneven. In the case of uneven feeding, it is easy to block, forming the chamber of dual shaft shredder filled with unfinished materials. In serious cases, many blocking may cause shutdown or motor temperature rise.



Here, we remind us that we must pay attention to the safe use of electricity, and do a good job in the daily maintenance of dual shaft shredder equipment, so as to reduce the possibility of failure as much as possible in the process of use.


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