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Generally speaking, the dual shaft shredder production line belongs to the category of double shaft shredder recycling production line equipment. It is mainly used for crushing and processing large volume waste steel materials. Due to the advantages of high output, strong application scope and full automation, it can be widely used and promoted. In order to let more customers have a better understanding of the equipment, today's small editor will give you a brief introduction of the dual shaft shredder production line equipment related knowledge, I hope you will be interested.


Dual shaft shredder production line, through shear, tear and extrusion to reduce material size. The better technology of this product is the closed crushing structure. The controlled feeding mode determines the unification of metal length. It adopts microcomputer (PC) automatic control, with start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control functions. It has low speed, high torque and low noise. The dust can meet the environmental protection standard. It is easy to adjust, low maintenance cost, economical and durable. The thickness and quantity of hammerhead can be changed according to different materials.


Performance characteristics of dual shaft shredder production line


1. Mechanical configuration

The production line is mainly composed of shredding blade group, bearing box, box support, feeding system, power system and electrical control system.


2. Performance characteristics


(1) The equipment has high crushing efficiency, moving knife and fixed knife are made of alloy steel, which is durable and has long service life;


(2) The iron frame plate of the equipment is thick, which can resist high torque and is very solid;


(3) The equipment is easy to adjust, low maintenance cost, economical and durable;


(4) Unit output is the theoretical calculation throughput, and the specific use should be determined according to the actual density and shape of crushed material.


3. Advantages of using dual shaft shredder production line after tearing


(1) It is convenient to transport the torn materials, which can effectively reduce the transportation cost and increase the transportation efficiency;


(2) After tearing, the material is convenient for crushing and secondary processing;


(3) Shredded materials are easier to store than non shredded materials, which can save a lot of warehouse space;


(4) Shredded materials are greatly convenient for use and reprocessing.


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