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As a vulnerable part, the blade of the dual shaft shredder needs to be replaced. The manufacturer of the dual shaft shredder suggests that the user should purchase another set of spare blade when purchasing the dual shaft shredder equipment. When the blade needs to be replaced, it should be replaced directly. In the daily production activities, attention should be paid to the blade maintenance. If possible, the blade can be polished to reduce the use cost.


According to different specifications, dual shaft shredder blades are pided into crushing blade, tearing blade, four corner sharp knife, single axis machine blade and right angle knife.


1.The alloy head of dual shaft shredder has sharp and sensitive cutting edge. Therefore, care must be taken to protect the alloy head from damage during blade movement, installation and disassembly.


2.Regularly check the radial runout and swing amplitude of the main shaft of the machine to ensure that the blades of the dual shaft shredder are consistent with each other.


3.Before the installation of dual shaft shredder blade, the sundries on the main shaft and flange plate must be removed. The flange surface should be flat and clean and intersect with the shaft vertically.


4.The use of the largest flange can make the saw blade run more smoothly. The size of the flange should be the same. The size of the flange should be 1 / 3 of the diameter of the saw blade (1 / 2D flange should be used for thin saw blade) to achieve better sawing effect (especially for thin blade).


5.The dual shaft shredder blade should be idling for 30 seconds after the installation is stable, and the cutting work can be started after confirming that everything is normal.


6.During the installation of dual shaft shredder blade, the flange nut must be moderately tight. If the blade is too loose, it will slide when rotating. If the blade is too tight, it will cause internal injury or deformation, which will affect the cutting effect.


7.Before cutting the blade of dual shaft shredder, the operator must wear protective equipment (protective glasses, dust mask, safety helmet, protective gloves) and check whether the protective cover of saw is in good condition.


In case of the following conditions, it is necessary to repair and grind in time.


1. When the quality of dual shaft shredder blade no longer meets the requirements;


2. When the energy consumption of machine tool increases obviously;


3. When the edge of cutting material has obvious crack;


4. When the wear of alloy edge reaches 0.2mm.


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