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Summer is a season with a lot of rain weather, so for the dual shaft shredder, we must do a good job in its waterproof and moisture-proof work, so, what should we do?


First of all, we need to protect the dual shaft shredder well, and do not let it come into contact with rain water, so as to avoid the phenomenon of rust. Secondly, we should protect the wood and try to keep it dry.


In the process of tearing, it is not difficult to find that the dry materials are easier to be torn and the efficiency is higher. On the contrary, the opposite is true.


Because wet materials are easier to be bonded together when they are torn, they are bound to produce resistance to tearing and affect the normal operation of shredder blades. And processing these wet things for a long time will corrode the internal parts of the machine and rust, further affecting the processing power.


Therefore, two points should be avoided: one is the processing of wet materials with moisture for a long time, and the other is often drenched by rain. If it is not used for a long time, it is better to apply lubricating oil on the bearing and other key parts of the shredder to avoid moisture corrosion in the air. In short, the protection of the machine is a long-time routine work, which requires persistence and patience.


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