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In the process of production of industrial shredder, what problems can the machine provide for shaking vibration demand? The question of assembly is still other, where should you look?

Sensation was registered in industrial shredder has several possible: 1 bearing through processing, two bearing the same horizontal plane, no longer so simple also cause bearing heating, bearing jammed, the machine can't work normally.

1. The hammer may not have the same quality as the blade, and the weight of the hammer on the same shaft is the same as that of the hammer on the relative axis.

2. The ground level is not handled well, and the mechanical force is not uniform.


3. Improper equipment (about 16%) 1 equipment bearing with brute force, with the hammer directly percussion bearing, forming deformation.

4. The equipment is not in place, the equipment is wrong or not installed in the bearing position, which makes the bearing clearance too small. The inner and outer rings are not in the same rotation base, forming different hearts. Claim: select the appropriate or professional bearing equipment, the equipment should be checked by special instrument.

5. One of the first reasons for the premature failure of the bearing of industrial shredder when smooth and bad (about 50%) is smooth and bad, including: not timely added the smooth agent or smooth oil; Or not put in place, the wrong type, the smooth method is not accurate and so on. Claim: use accurate smooth or smooth oil, and precise injection method.

Fatigue (about 34 percent) fatigue damage is the most visible damage to bearing. Why: chronic overwork; Not timely protection; Improper repair; Equipment aging, etc.
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