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If you want to buy or use plastic shredder, you should first have an understanding of it, especially the principle. The plastic shredder is composed of: tear the blade section, bearing box body, box support, feeding system, power system and electrical control system. It is used to tear up some waste materials for reuse. Plastic shredder can also be called shear plastic shredder. Materials can be replaced by cutting, tearing, extrusion, etc. to reduce the size of the material, the thickness of the cutting tool and the number of blades. Shred the hollow material (such as: paint bucket, iron bucket, plastic bucket, can, etc.) can be equipped with the pressure material device, make the material more easily be torn up, so as to increase the output effect. In addition, the size of the material can be controlled by adding rotary screen mesh. Low speed running, noise and dust can meet high environmental standards. Plastic shredder after many years of research and practice, and according to the actual situation to improve the domestic research and development, with mature technology and design of advanced plastic shredder series, for our country's recycling early broken, and the capacity reduction processing to provide quality and reliable equipment.

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