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Metal shredder is a highly efficient equipment recognized by the metal recycling industry and imitated by various peer enterprises. The crusher installed on site by some customers has a huge potential safety hazard when working. It is surprising that there is no proper safety protection on the equipment site. What should be done if there is a problem?


The safety protection of metal shredder is mainly to prevent the metal fragments flying out of the crushing process, which can't be achieved only by baffle. First of all, the crusher must be placed away from the crowd, and the construction site must be surrounded. The surrounding height can be based on the actual situation. And the most easily hit place of flying debris needs to be thickened. The second is to set up a special shelter for the operators in the construction environment and install protective iron sheet. An iron plate fence with a thickness of 10-12 cm shall be set on the opposite side of the hole for conveying materials, and its height shall be able to prevent fragments from flying over.


When using metal shredder, we must take these protective measures into full consideration. As a shredder manufacturer, we should not only make the equipment safe, but also give safety guidance on site installation. Only in this way can we truly solve the problem of safety protection.


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