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Metal shredder in the process of operation, showing the motor overheating situation, constitute the metal shredder motor temperature is too high, there are many elements, the following describes how to distinguish whether the metal shredder motor overheating.


1. Hand feeling method: that is to touch the regular parts of the metal shredder motor by hand, and estimate the temperature of the motor according to the heat degree of the hand.


2. Thermometer method: that is to measure the temperature rise of motor directly with thermometer.


3. Resistance method: use the principle that conductor resistance increases with temperature.


In addition to the external temperature is too high, what other elements will constitute motor overheating?


1. The air gap between the stator and rotor of the motor is very small, which simply causes the collision between the stator and rotor. The simple method is to insert the end cover.


2. The abnormal vibration or noise of the motor simply leads to the heating of the motor. It should be cleaned about the details. Vibration not only produces noise, but also produces additional loads.


3. Abnormal operation of bearing will cause motor heating. Whether the bearing operation is normal can be judged by temperature. Hand or thermometer can be used to check the bearing end to determine whether the temperature is within the normal range.


4. If the power supply voltage is too high and the excitation current increases, the motor will overheat excessively. According to the national standard, the change of motor power supply voltage should not exceed ± 5% of the additional value, and the motor output power can adhere to the additional value. The motor power supply voltage is not allowed to exceed ± 10% of the extra value, and the difference between the three-phase power supply voltages should not exceed ± 5% of the additional value.


5. Winding short circuit, turn to turn short circuit, phase to phase short circuit and winding open circuit. Stop the machine immediately after this happens.


6. The leakage of materials into the motor will reduce the insulation of the motor and reduce the allowable temperature rise of the motor. The machine should be shut down immediately to clean up foreign matters.


7. The motor works without phase. In order to avoid phase loss of motor, in addition to accurate selection and equipment of low-voltage electrical appliances and maintenance equipment, relevant specifications should be strictly implemented, feed lines should be laid, and regular inspection and maintenance should be strengthened.


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