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Many people don't know the importance of shredder reducer to metal shredder. Here, it is emphasized that the importance of shredder reducer to metal shredder is no less than that of shredder motor and plays a very important role in shredder. Regular maintenance of the reducer can make the metal shredder play a higher efficiency.


Although the metal shredder is a mechanical equipment with strong power and shredding ability at low speed and high torque, due to its large kinetic energy, the function of the reducer is very important, and it can effectively control the speed of the metal shredder. Therefore, the maintenance of the metal shredder reducer is also very important.


1. The reducer of the metal shredder cannot work in an environment where the temperature is higher than 40 degrees Celsius. At this time, it is easy to cause damage to the reducer.

2. To clean the reducer of the metal shredder, do not use high-pressure water guns and other materials with excessive impact to avoid damage.

3. The reducer should be protected by adding lubricating oil in a timely manner.

4. If the metal shredder makes strange noises during the working process, or the reducer becomes hot, turn off the shredder for inspection in time!


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