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Metal shredders are facing a rapidly developing economic environment and new technologies. In the future, metal shredders will move towards automation, intelligence and high efficiency. Shuguang Machinery's metal shredder combines the advantages of similar products and has the advantages of large feed caliber, large output, low energy consumption, high fineness, and strong reliability. There are strict requirements on the fineness of materials. So, what causes the wear of the metal shredder liner?


1. The raw material problem of the liner itself

     In practice, we found that the hardness of the material is related to the wear resistance, and the wear resistance improves with the improvement of the hardness. Manufacturers must use materials with high wear resistance to build.


2. The number of friction between the metal shredder liner and the material being crushed

     During the crushing process of the metal shredder, the hammer head and the material constantly strike and rub. During this process, the material will collide with the liner, and repeated collisions will cause the wear of the liner. Please replace it in time when it is found that the liner has depressions or cracks, otherwise it will affect the size of the discharged particles.


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