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Ball mill is the key equipment for further grinding and grinding of crushed materials, and is one of the commonly used equipment in mineral processing equipment. The main vulnerable parts of ball mill are lining plate and grinding medium. Many users think that the thicker the liner is, the better. Is this really true?


The ball mill is mainly used to protect the ball mill from the impact of media and barrel. In addition, the surface radian of the ball mill liner can adjust the running track of the ball mill, enhance the grinding effect of the grinding body on the materials, and improve the production efficiency of the ball mill.


So is the thicker the lining plate of ball mill, the better? The wear resistance of lining plate of ball mill is not directly related to its abrasion degree, whether the lining plate is wear-resistant or not is related to its material. Shuguang uses manganese steel material with high hardness and wear resistance as lining plate, which improves the wear resistance of lining plate to a certain extent.


In addition, if the liner with higher thickness is used, the weight of the ball mill will be increased, the power consumption will be increased, the effective grinding volume in the ball mill barrel will be reduced, and the production output of the ball mill will be reduced.


Therefore, the thicker the lining plate of the ball mill is not the better. Customers must listen to the opinions of the technical personnel when purchasing the ball mill, and strictly abide by the ball mill manual.


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