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The key accessory of metal shredder is the shredder blade, and for this accessory, the following details should be paid attention to in use, otherwise it is easy to cause damage or reduce its service life.


First of all, we should pay attention to the use of wooden box device in the transportation process of metal shredder blade, which can prevent damage to the knife claw and ensure the safety in the transportation process. In addition, before installation, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection to see whether the blade is in good condition. If there is a gap or tooth drop, it should be replaced in time. At the same time, pay attention to the angle of the blade. Generally speaking, the blade is biased, so we should pay attention to the correct installation and smooth.


Secondly, in the process of installation, we should pay attention to handle with care, for the blade of multi axis shredder, we should pay attention to the operation of many people together, so as to avoid the damage of knife claw in collision.


In addition, pay attention to check whether there is any foreign matter between the blades after installation. And make sure no one is near the metal shredder before running. Avoid serious personal injury caused by blade falling off. If it is confirmed that there is no accident or operation stop problem during multiple operation, it means that the installation is very smooth and can be used at ease. Then put the right amount of products into the equipment for test run.


It is easy to cause more troubles, affect the normal operation of the metal shredder, and even lead to the damage of the overall equipment of the shredder.


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