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Detailed process of installation and debugging of metal shredder

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For the installation and commissioning of the metal shredder, under normal circumstances, we will attach a design basic construction drawing when shipping to the customer. We will install the machine firmly on the basis of a special design.In order to better withstand the uniform force generated by the machine when it is working, the sleeper slats can be placed under the chassis to make the whole machine fit the sleeper slats and leave a discharge position.

Detect the load test of the metal shredder. The load test can only be carried out on the basis of a good dry running test. The load test time shall not be less than 8 hours of continuous operation, and determine whether the actual output and output of the metal shredder are consistent. It is required and guaranteed that the bearing temperature rise should not exceed 35 degrees, the shredder should work smoothly, there should be no severe vibration, and the fasteners should be firm. The lubrication points of the metal shredder must be filled with lubricating grease, and the sealing should be good, and there should be no leakage. If the output or particle size is found not to meet the requirements during operation, the adjustment bolts at the rear of the movable device can be used to adjust, such as current fluctuations during operation. If it is unstable, you should check whether the feed size meets the requirements, and it can be put into production after the load test is normal.

The metal shredder is a machine that uses the friction force of the roller surface to bite the material into the crushing area, so that it can be crushed by crushing or splitting. When used for coarse crushing or when the crushing ratio needs to be increased, metal shredders often make teeth or grooves on the roller surface to increase the splitting effect. If you have any questions in the use of the metal shredder, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

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