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Some irregular operations cause metal shredder output to decrease

Time:2020-10-26 10:59:31   Author:ShuGuang  Popularity:232

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The metal shredder is a large machine in which the motor drives the blades and the knife shaft to work. If you want to ensure the power of the equipment, you need to check and maintain the blades of the equipment regularly to increase the output. The reason for the decline in equipment output is some inconspicuous operations.

1. Some users feed directly every day. As time goes by, the motor will be overloaded and the burden will be heavy, which will reduce the output of the equipment. Therefore, let the equipment run idly for preheating, and then evenly put in the materials after the equipment speed is stable, so that the output of the equipment is higher and the crushing quality is good.

2. In the process of using the equipment, we usually do not pay attention to the purity of the material. For example, crushed materials can be mixed with other impurities: iron with a higher hardness can easily hit the blade during work, which in turn can cause damage to the equipment blade, thereby reducing equipment output and blade life.

3. Regularly check the lubricating oil. This is a method of bearing maintenance. Of course, the same is true for metal shredders. The bearings of the equipment are mainly the bearings that drive the knife and stick, and the pulley is connected to the power supply to crush the material.

The metal shredder is specially designed for plastic steel doors and windows, PVC with iron and plastic steel scrap. The discharge conveyor is equipped with aluminum-iron separation device, which can separate aluminum from iron and steel.It can also be equipped with aluminum-plastic separation equipment to separate aluminum and plastic, which has a good recycling effect. The metal shredder has good energy-saving and usability, and there is no noise when using the equipment, low pollution, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

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