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Wear of the seals of the metal shredder

Time:2020-10-30 11:07:00   Author:ShuGuang  Popularity:665

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As we all know, metal shredders will inevitably produce dust in consumable items. Therefore, the equipment needs to be equipped with corresponding sealing equipment. The sealing effect cannot be avoided during the metal shredding process. What is the reason for the damage of the sealing element? What kind of impact will it have?

Damaged seal

The seals are severely worn. If the gap between the parts of the metal shredder becomes smaller, the seal will be crushed and deformed and suffer severe wear. It is possible that when replacing worn parts, because the replacement cycle of the seal is inconsistent with the wear cycle of the conflicting parts, the new and old levels are different, so the sealing kneading force of the rubber sealing ring is increased, and part of it deforms and warps. The seal is damaged.

The seal is aging. Rubber seals are affected by oil quality, temperature and time during use. In addition, improper selection of the material of the sealing ring resulted in a simple aging phenomenon, which made the body of the sealing ring elastic, changed the sealing shape, and caused the sealing effect of the equipment to fail.

Deformation of the seal

1. Stress and deformation. When the crushing wall and rolling mortar wall of the metal shredder crush the ore, due to the small crushing force, the machine body is inclined or vibrated, and the seal and the original moving track are deformed, which changes the original seal shape and forms the sealing effect of the equipment.

2. The second step. Improper installation and maintenance of equipment. When the metal shredder is installed, repaired and modified, the seals will be deformed, resulting in the sealing effect of the equipment.

Poor lubrication. Conflicting parts are easy to mix with metal particles and mineral dust, and temporarily work in a low temperature environment, so that the lubricating oil is deteriorated, the fluidity is poor, and the sealing parts are not easy to add and cause deformation.During the operation of the garbage shredder, you may have never noticed the problem of the sealing ring, but it will accumulate small problems into major problems in daily work.Therefore, the seal of the garbage shredder should be paid close attention to and cannot be ignored.

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