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What is the use of the metal shredder automatic protection function

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In order to improve the driving power of the metal shredder, most of the current metal shredder equipment adopts a double shaft power design, so that the material will not be jammed due to insufficient power during the shredding process. The power of the steel bar shredder is enough, but depending on the material, there may be thicker materials that will cause the overlapping materials to jam. If the machine is stuck, it is not stopped in time and can cause equipment damage.

In order to deal with the damage caused by the material jamming machine to the metal shredder, the metal shredder is equipped with an automatic protection function. This function can protect the equipment from reversing the ejection operation when the machine is stuck, and the material of the stuck machine passes through the shaft. The reversal form allows the materials to be reordered and shredded again, which effectively protects the motor from damage caused by the card machine for a long time. How is this operation achieved?

In fact, this setting is relatively simple. It is usually set in the control cabinet of the metal shredder.Install a control unit that can make the motor forward and reverse in the control cabinet. The normal working condition is forward transmission. If a jam occurs during the work, the motor is still working.At this time, the current of the motor will become larger, so the current change of the motor can be controlled.

The current during normal operation is constant, so the current value during normal operation can be locked by the current controller. If the current value is higher than the locked current value during the work, it is because the card machine causes the current of the motor to pass. If it is high, this is the current controller will give a reverse signal to the motor, and let the motor perform reverse operation, which is used to remove the jamming situation, which effectively protects the normal operation of the metal shredder equipment.

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